Designia brand identity – Case Study


Designia is a virtual world where three design disciplines form their own countries (nations). Every ‘Nation’ is accessible through its own online portfolio.
When I started as a Freelance Designer in 2007, I used my own name as a company name. It was the easiest and fastest way to get started. As soon as the number of projects grew rapidly, I got the idea to split up the communication around my three different design disciplines, illustration, UX & UI Design and logo design.

Mr. Upside Dutch Freelance Brand Identity Designer Case Study - Logo Designia Freelance UX-UI Designer Michiel Nagtegaal


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Brand Identity Design


Three different online portfolios. This could ensure that, towards clients, I can fully focus on one specific client requirement. For the sake of convenience I assumed that every customer would report to me with only one need.

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A virtual world as creative concept

The creative concept was to create a virtual world, Designia. That world contains three nations; Illustration Nation, Identity Nation and Webdesign Nation. They work together peacefully to help the customer the best. The payoff was found so quickly; “United Nations of Design”.

Line 8 px Light Blue - MrUpside Freelance Digitale Produc Designer

De nieuwste Mr. Upside projecten in je inbox ontvangen?

Regelmatig worden nieuwe Brand Identity Design, UX/UI Design en Illustratie projecten toegevoegd. Als je wilt, laat ik je dat direct weten zodra dat gebeurt. 

Weet dat ik, net als jij, spam ook heel vervelend vind. Ik stuur geen commerciële boodschappen, alleen updates met nieuw werk.

Composite flag

Designia would therefore become a collection of design disciplines. And that collection also had to be translated into an image, a logo. In the concept, that set of elements is a set of countries. The logo of a country is a flag. Designia therefore had to become a composite flag. A flag like that of the European Union or of the United States of America.

Color is an important design element. To distinguish a collection of design elements, color is therefore obvious. The composite flag of Designia should become a collection of colors. Many flags stack colors. So the Designia flag became a stack of colors.

'D' shape

The shape of the “d” makes, with a little imagination, a beautiful flag. And by aligning the logo on the right, instead of the usual left, the logo is even more distinctive.

Hoe kan ik helpen?

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